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PLANTATION 2000 is an established wholesale tree and plant nursery situated just 30 minutes north of Brisbane.


Over the past 30 years, Plantation 2000's 65 acre property has been developed into a plantation of advanced in-ground and containerised palms and cycads.


At PLANTATION 2000 you will receive expert horticultural advice on the selection of suitable plant material for your particular project, whether it's just one feature plant or many.


Even though we have plants in sizes from 35 litre bags to mature in-ground, supplying LARGE EX-GROUND stock is our specialty.


All our field stock is well spaced to give a good strong growth habit. Generous root balls are provided to minimise any set-back and the leaves are pruned and treated to prevent die-back.


Working closely with you we will make sure we understand your overall aesthetic requirements, and together we will establish preparation times, organise transportation, and ensure your budget needs are met.


We will set time frames to meet with your requirements and comply with the necessary horticultural preparation standards so that your stock arrives on time and in good condition.


Our consultants are available to assist you at the design stage, saving time and money and ensuring that the most suitable stock is selected and planted in the best position, thus avoiding any gardening disasters.


Please consider PLANTATION 2000 when planning your next project. We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised at the friendly, professional service and top quality stock we have available ... all at competitive prices. (PRICES ON APPLICATION)