Plantation 2000 Wholesale Nursery, Brisbane - Advanced Palm Trees and Cycads

Wholesale nursery supplies in the Brisbane area - Specialising in advanced palms and cycads for landscape


Plantation 2000 - palm tree nursery in the Brisbane / Sunshine Coast region with wholesale nursery supplies


As a specialist palm tree nursery, PLANTATION 2000 welcomes you to hand pick your plant varieties from the thousands of well spaced, sun-hard palm specimens. Alternatively, we can furnish you with a detailed description of plants so that you are confident that your expectations will be fully met.

Browse the lists of our stock below. Even though we have plants in sizes from 35 litre bags to mature in-ground, supplying LARGE EX-GROUND stock is our specialty.

For more information on any particular palm, go to the "Palm and Cycad Societies of Australia" website.

REMEMBER ... if it's not listed, please feel free to contact us as we may still have it tucked away somewhere.

EX-GROUND STOCK ... This, of course is what we do best as a palm tree supplier ... big plants for that great instant look. All our field stock is well spaced to give a good strong growth habit. Generous root balls are provided to minimise any set-back and the leaves are pruned and treated to prevent die-back.


To see a larger picture of any of the following images, simply click on the image and the larger version will display in a new window.

Archontophoenix alexandrae
Alexander Palm 
Hyophorbe verschaefeltiaHyophorbe verschaefeltia
Spindle Palm 
Archontophoenix cunninghamianaArchontophoenix cunninghamiana
Bangalow Palm 
LivistonaLivistona australis /
decipiens / fulva

Cabbage Palm 
Bismarckia nobilisBismarckia nobilis
Bismark Palm 
Normanbya normanbyi
Black Palm 
Carpentaria accuminata
Darwin Palm 
Pandanus pedunculatusPandanus pedunculatus
Screw Pine 
Chamaedorea atrovirens
Cascade Palm 
Phoenix canariensisPhoenix canariensis
Canary Island Date Palm 
Chamaerops humilisChamaerops humilis
European Fan Palm 
Phoenix roebeleniiPhoenix roebelenii
Dwarf Date Palm 
Dypsis cabade
Green Cane Palm 
Phoenix sylvestrisPhoenix sylvestris
Silver Date Palm 
Dypsis decaryi
Triangle Palm 
Ptychosperma macarthurii
Macarthur Palm
Dypsis leptocheilos
Redneck Palm 
Ptychosperma elegans
Solitaire Palm 
Dypsis lutescens
Gold Cane Palm
Rhapis excelsa
Lady Palm 
Dypsis pembana
Pemba Palm 
Washingtonia robustaWashingtonia robusta
Cotton Palm 
Howea forsteriana
Kentia Palm 
Wodyetia bifurcataWodyetia bifurcata
Foxtail Palm 
Hyophorbe lagenicaulisHyophorbe lagenicaulis
Bottle Palm 


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